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1.3 G Transportation

South East Pyrotechnics 1.3g display fireworks Transportation                                   

South East Pyrotechnics is an explosives transport company.
All our drivers are experienced & well trained in shipping hazardous materials.
Our company is fully insured and in compliance with D.O.T. and the CFR.
We specialize in the transportation of 1.1- 1.2-1.3- 1.4G explosives.

One of the biggest problems for beginning pyrotechnicians and small display companies,
is the transportation of display fireworks 1.3G explosives.
The Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) considers display fireworks a hazardous material.
D.O.T. and the federal government, have strict rules on the transportation of these materials
on public roads and highways. The costs to be in compliance with these rules and regulations are extremely
high. This makes it very difficult for beginner technicians and small display companies.

If you need display firework or explosive transportation.  Look no further!
You found us!

We are explosives transportation specialist.
     If you are a pyrotechnician or a company that needs explosives transported we can help you.

  If you have a valid BATFE license, an approved ATF storage facility, or a contingence letter for storage.  
We can deliver your explosives or display fireworks to you.
You will need to submit proof to our corporate office.
Call us toll free 888-322-6713 or fax info to 843-726-9994

Storage is also available in our explosives magazines.

We also offer Ship Shows to qualified Technicians
See our ship show page

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